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A healthy twist on the classic Italian dish Chicken Piccata using walnuts as a grain-free option. This Walnut Crusted Lemon Chicken Piccata makes a fantastic, weeknight, one pan meal, or is fancy enough to serve to guests on a weekend! Oh hey guys, just another 20 minute meal for you all to enjoy on a busy weeknight. 20 minutes is about all the time I have during the week to make dinner………you too?? Well, you’ve come to the right recipe. I am so ecstatically happy on how delicious this recipe turned out. Simple ingredients, so much flavor, and full of healthy goodness!
I have enjoyed a few different variations of chicken piccata, but I love this Gluten-Free and Paleo option. The addition of California Walnuts was absolutely perfect; it gave this dish just the right amount of texture and flavor.

WHY WALNUTS? Can we just talk about how awesome walnuts are? I love to snack on a variety of nuts, but walnuts really are superior when it comes to nutrition. They are the ONLY nut that provides a significant amount Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient that is severely lacking in the Standard American diet. I love that walnuts are so versatile and can add that perfect crunch and taste to any sweet or savory dish.

HOW TO MAKE WALNUT CRUSTED LEMON CHICKEN PICCATA: We start off by gathering simple ingredients to make this dish: Chicken, walnuts, capers, lemons, chicken broth, parsley, garlic, and some arrowroot to thicken.

For this chicken piccata, the walnuts were easily broken down in a food processor to create a crumbly mixture that makes an easy replacement for bread crumbs! I coated each piece of chicken with a healthy amount of pulsed walnuts. Once the chicken breasts were covered, I heated up a pan and added olive oil. I cooked the chicken breasts for only 3 minutes per side until they were seared nicely, and removed them to a plate.

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