Grilled Mozzarella Sandwich

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This delicious grilled mozzarella sandwich is perfect to make when you want something fresh with a gourmet quality, but don’t want to go to a restaurant. Homemade walnut pesto, fresh tomatoes and melted mozzarella make every bite full of flavor. Be sure to make a double batch of the pesto so you can whip up a tasty sandwich later on in the week.

How to make grilled mozzarella sandwich – step by step

To make the pesto

Place the basil, garlic, walnuts and Parmesan cheese in the food processor; season with salt and pepper, to taste, and blend. While the food processor is on, pour the olive oil slowly into the mixture in order to allow the olive oil to emulsify.

To assemble the sandwiches

You will need some sourdough bread sliced about 1/2 inch thick, whole mozzarella cheese, the pesto you just successfully whipped up, along with large tomato slices and roasted red pepper.close Volume 0%  Next, you’ll want to spread the pesto on four slices of the sourdough bread, and place two of the slices right on the panini maker with the pesto side up. The assembly all happens in the panini maker (or toaster oven or grill pan). Add the mozzarella cheese on right away, and give it a minute to settle in and start melting. Start piling the tomatoes and roasted red peppers (carefully).
And then, close the sandwich with the remaining bread (pesto side down) and close the panini maker. This is seriously the hardest part of the recipe. The type of bread you use and how high you stack the sandwich can really make or break the sandwich. You want to lightly press on the sandwich so we don’t end up with a pressed pile of cheesy bread (although I have done it and it is delicious still haha!) You’ll know it’s done when the bread is crispy and golden brown and the mozzarella cheese is melty. It’s a sandwich recipe that looks totally gourmet and tastes out of this world!

Tips for making grilled mozzarella sandwich

  1. Don’t have a panini maker? You can use a toaster oven to achieve the same result (minus those pretty grill lines). You can also use a grill pan or regular pan to make this sandwich recipe.
  2. Don’t have a food processor? Just buy store-bought pesto! But really, if you can find a way to make your own pesto, it really takes this sandwich to another level.
  3. Make sure you use the freshest ingredients you can for maximum flavor. That is especially true for the basil and the mozzarella cheese.
  4. Use thick sturdy sourdough bread that is not airy on the inside to ensure the sandwich stays put when you press on it in the panini maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a grilled mozzarella sandwich healthy?

One sandwich comes in at under 450 calories, so even though it’s not low in calories, it’s certainly better for you than a lot of store bought sandwiches. Making your own pesto is certainly a healthier option than buying store bought because there aren’t preservatives or milk or other unnecessary ingredients added. To make the sandwich lighter, you can use whole wheat bread which contains more fiber, and you can use a low fat mozzarella if you so wish.

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